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How to Embrace Winter in New England When You're a Biker

Dawn Fontaine

Game of Thrones said it best:

Winter is Coming

Living in New England means embracing the Winter Season! Because, let's be honest - it beats the alternative!!

And, while it does mean that we won't be able to be riding, it does give us time to nourish & revive ourselves and our motorcycles.

That being said, if you don't have a plan to get you & your bike through Winter, then you could end up ill-prepared for the 2024 Riding Season.

When your passion is living a life on two wheels, but you live in an area where snow dominates the landscape four to six months out of the year, you learn certain survival skills. 

Here are six crafty ways we in the north endure:

1) Tuck Your Bike In!!

In order to be Riding come Spring Time, you'll definitely want to see that your Bike is properly stored for the winter! Motorcycles need certain things in order to protect them during their hibernation. And we've got three ways you can do that at Freedom Road Harley-Davidson:

1) Did you miss our DIY Winter Storage Seminar on October 14th at Freedom Road Harley? We're happy to let you know what you need!! Contact us and we'll contact you.

2) Let us baby your baby this winter: Store your Bike with us!! Our Winter Storage at FRHD is less expensive and more secure than a self-storage unit.

3) Take advantage of the down-time: Get FREE Storage when you spend $1500 or more on your Bike's Winter Project! LEARN MORE 

2) Adding that special something:

Since you won't be riding anyways, the Winter Season is the best time to get in a Winter Project or two!! 

Get a Stage I, II, III or IV engine upgrade. Add that Rockford Fosgate and be blown away by a sonic storm. Draw even more attention with Spectra Glo LED Lighting. Or extend your Motorcycle Adventure by adding Saddlebags to your bike.

With over 10,000 Genuine Parts & Accessories, the possibilities are almost endless! Take advantage of the "down-time," add what you want to your Bike over the Winter & be a Winner come Spring!! 

Plus, when you spend $1500 or more on your Bike's Winter Storage at Freedom Road Harley-Davidson, you'll get FREE Winter Storage*!!   LEARN MORE

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3) Making plans to escape:

There are numerous motorcycle rallies throughout the year: from Daytona Bike Week to Laconia, from Laughlin River Run to Sturgis, and all the small town rallies in-between.

There's also weekend trips, week long, cross country - those motorcycle adventures don't just happen!! They've got to be planned out in order to ensure the best possible outcome. Not saying that you have to plan out every detail!! It is best to do the bulk of it now: where, when, where you'll stay, finances involved, vacation to put in for, etc. 

How ever we plan on riding, you can be assured that Bikers are plotting to make the upcoming Riding Season the best.

4) Out and about:

Improve your mental health, layer up & get outside!! Go for a hike, ride an ATV or Snowmobile, hit the ski slopes, and/or attend a Winter Festival.

Once you're outside (with the proper clothing to keep you warm & safe) something magical happens! You feel refreshed, robust and vital. And you'll feel the benefits of being in contact with the elements.  

5) Windows into other worlds:

When you're ready to come back inside, there are more ways to keep yourself entertained: Museums, Movie Theaters, Art Exhibits are all ways to expand on your experiences. 

Of course we'll have Winter Events at Freedom Road Harley!! So, stay tuned to our Events Page and/or Sign-Up for our Weekly E-Newsletter

Staying at home? We still have ways to ride - it's just through others in print or on screen! Reading books like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, your Harley's The Enthusiast Magazine, and other motorcycle books & magazines allows us to escape through our mind's eye.

There's also television series, documentaries and movies that provide a nice break. I recommend Harley and the Davidsons, Why We Ride, and Wild Hogs. If we can't ride, then at least we can watch other people riding!

6) Bottom Line: Enjoy It!

So, how can you enjoy winter when it’s cold and dark out there? We’ve heard a lot in recent years about a Positive Mindset: use the inspiration from a million Pinterest photos of fuzzy socks and hot chocolate, embracing Winter is more of a feeling rather than a physical concept. Think of a warm, cozy atmosphere, and enjoying the good things in life with others. 

You can either see the winter as a special time of year full of opportunities for enjoyment and fulfillment or as a limiting, cold time of year to dread. Certainly the former sounds much more appealing!! In fact, research has found that a positive wintertime mind-set is associated with improved well-being, including greater life satisfaction and more positive emotions. 

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