8 Timeless Appeals of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Despite several people labeling the legendary brand as overrated, it remains the leading bike manufacturer in the industry. You may be attracted to Harley-Davidson motorcycles. But why is that so? Why does Harley have such a strong cult following? Well, it is because of certain factors like the extensive network of dealers and durability.

Following are some timeless appeals of Harley-Davidson motorcycles that contribute to its popularity:

  1. Social perks- The Harley Owners Group (HOG) is a community of all fellow Harley owners which hosts grand events throughout the year. The sense of pride that you get by being a part of HOG is exceptional. The community organizes drives, charity events, lunch meetups, and many more occasions.
  2. Network of dealers- Harley-Davidson’s dealership network is spread globally and contributes significantly to the company’s success. The company follows a performance framework to strengthen the dealer network and smoothen the customer experience. The dealers always live up to the company's reputation for delivering various products and premium customer experience.
  3. Technological advancements- Harley-Davidson has always been a leader in the industry due to its exceptional designs and solid manufacturing. Many emerging market segments love the brand for its stunning and comprehensive motorcycle collection. Harleys is a technologically advanced company that varies across price points, displacements, riding styles, power sources, and global markets.
  4. Engine note- Harley owners love their motorcycles for the thump. On starting the engine, you will hear a crisp explosion sound which is melodious music to all Harley riders' ears. When a Harley passes by you, you will be awestruck by the loud and growly beast.
  5. Durability- A Harley never goes bad. It can outlast generations. Even if any part of your Harley breaks, you can easily replace it. Your Harley-Davidson motorcycle will last long for generations.
  6. Emotional attachment- Owning a Harley is more than just a materialistic attachment for some people. The brand has embraced itself as the symbol of ‘freedom,’ ‘rebellion,’ and ‘individualism.’ When you ride a Harley-Davidson, you can experience these sentiments.
  7. Military connection- Harley-Davidson's relationship with the US military has been strong for ages. During WW2, the company sold almost the entire output to the military. It offers various programs for current and former military personnel, like a free Harley-Davidson Riding Academy course. The brand is known for winning the hearts of military veterans and their supporters.
  8. Apparel- Harley believes that a classy attire elevates the rider’s look. Therefore, it creates and sells clothes that signify the brand and promote the Harley-Davidson lifestyle. The collection also allows you to be a part of the Harley world without owning a Harley bike.

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