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11 Benefits of Using Original Harley Motorcycle Parts

Buying a Harley-Davidson motorcycle is a dream for many. But, while maintaining a Harley, you may switch to fake motorcycle parts to save money. However, by doing so, you may put your safety at risk and regret your decision later. Therefore, you must always buy authentic parts.

Following are some benefits of using original Harley Davidson motorcycle parts:

  1. Quality- Duplicate parts may be easily accessible but do not match the quality standards. Therefore, you must use original parts as they are certified and tested.
  2. Integration- You may be tempted to purchase fake motorcycle parts. However, they may not fit appropriately in your motorcycle and require some modifications to your bike. So, you must use original parts as they would integrate perfectly with your bike with no changes.
  3. Satisfaction- You may use fake motorcycle parts to save costs but regret it. Therefore, you must buy original Harley parts to get that peace of mind.
  4. Warranty- When you buy fake parts, the seller may assure you that they are the same as the original ones. However, he/she may not give you any official warranty. Therefore, you should choose original parts as they hold an authentic warranty.
  5. Durability- You may want to buy inauthentic Harley motorcycle parts. But, you must remember that fake parts do not last long. You must purchase certified parts as they have better longevity.
  6. Operation- Non-original parts may seem genuine. However, they may not function correctly. Therefore, you must choose original parts as they operate perfectly. 
  7. Performance-You may choose fake motorcycle parts over genuine ones. But, they will affect your bike’s performance like speed and engine health. You must use certified parts as they will improve your Harley's overall performance.
  8. Details- You must be aware of the basic information about the product that you are buying. However, your fake parts' seller may not disclose all the details about the product. You should buy authentic parts as you get all the necessary details like manufacturing, bill, and registration details.
  9. Cost- Duplicate parts are generally more affordable than original ones. However, they would quickly get damaged and need constant repair. Instead, you must use genuine motorcycle parts as they do not experience excessive wear and tear and do not involve any subsequent maintenance costs.  
  10. Safety- Duplicate Harley motorcycle parts can affect the performance of the bike, and even a sudden brake can cause a severe accident. Therefore, you must get original parts fit in your motorcycle as they would ensure your safety.
  11. Resale value- You may want to sell your Harley motorcycle in the future. However, you must remember that buyers do not pay a hefty amount for a Harley with non-original parts. So, if you wish to get a good resale value for your bike, you must use original parts.

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