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How to Ensure a Good Resale Value for Your Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

Owning a Harley Davidson motorcycle is a feeling of pride. Many people buy second-hand Harley to experience the joy of riding them. If you own one, you must already know about it. You may also want to sell your Harley to get a new one or maybe for other reasons. But, over time, the value of a bike depreciates. However, if you follow the proper steps, you can get a good price for your used Harley.

Following are some tips to ensure a good resale value for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle:

  1. Avoid too many modifications- You may get your Harley modified to get that funky or cool look. But, many buyers may not like that and instead want a bike with a simple look. Therefore, you must avoid too many modifications or upgrades on your bike.
  2. Keep it in good condition- You must maintain your Harley-Davidson motorcycle in good condition. However, keeping it neat and clean is not the only thing you have to do. You must also look after other details like lubrication of the chain to ensure a good resale value.
  3. Get minor damages repaired- Your Harley-Davidson motorcycle may have some minor damages which can affect the resale value of your bike. Therefore, you must try to get these damages repaired as it will increase the value of your bike.
  4. Advertise well- You may know that your Harley motorcycle is worth the price you are asking for. However, you may not be able to convince your potential buyers about the same. You must write a catchy description and upload stunning images. Effective advertising can get you many potential buyers.
  5. Try to keep the mileage low- You would want to travel the world on your Harley. But, if you wish to resell your bike, keep the mileage low. Many potential buyers are skeptical about buying bikes with high mileage.
  6. Ensure that the parts are original- You may have to replace some parts in your Harley. However, you may want to use duplicate parts to save money. You must remember that original parts establish instant trust and help in persuading the buyer to purchase the product.
  7. Get a paint job- Your Harley-Davidson bike may not have any internal damage. However, its paint may lose its shine and ruin the entire look. You must get it repainted to get that new and glossy look.
  8. Know your buyer- If you own an old model of Harley, a Harley enthusiast or a collector will know it’s worth. However, a regular buyer may not like it thinking that it is not the latest model. Therefore, you must know your buyer and determine if he/she understands the real worth of your bike.

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