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5 Tips to Extend Your Motorcycle's Life

Many owners stop caring about their motorcycles after a few years of use. They seek the same newly bought experience but are not ready to work for it. Do not make that mistake for yourself. A little care and maintenance can consistently give you that smooth riding experience. It not only makes everyday use better but also extends the life span of your motorcycle. 

Here are a few expert recommendations on extending the life of your motorcycle:

Service the bike timely

The way you keep your body in shape by exercising; similarly, your bike also needs regular servicing to be in the right state. However, the servicing cycle varies for each motorcycle depending on its usage and age. You should talk to a trusted mechanic and determine the serving cycle of your motorcycle. However, here are few things that you must keep in mind while servicing your bike:

  • Use only authentic and branded products
  • Check the tires, indicators, brakes, and other parts regularly
  • The chain must be clean and lubed well
  • Change the oil timely
  • The parts should be coated with anti-rust applicants

Avoid rash driving

Some people tend to indulge in rash driving. It is dangerous not just for the rider but also for the bike’s performance. A regular mismatch between the gear and speed can be problematic as it leads to extra load on the engine. You must ride your motorcycle smoothly and press the clutch and switch the gear in synchronization.

Avoid extra workload

Every bike has a capacity, and it would be wrong to push it beyond that. Putting additional workload on the motorcycle will affect its performance. If you cover a huge distance every day and go on road trips regularly, your vehicle will not have a long life. Hence, you must manage the bike's workload to increase the life-cycle of the bike and limit the maintenance costs.

Clean the bike regularly

Hygiene is essential for your motorcycle as well. First, you must know that a dirty bike is likely to suffer specific bike-related issues. For example, the dirt can disrupt the working of the engine and spoil the look. Hence, wipe your bike regularly using soapy water and a cloth.

Avoid reactive approach

When your bike shows some issues, you might overlook them. However, if you do not resolve them at the earliest, they might pose a problem. Hence, you must follow a proactive approach and get your vehicle checked immediately whenever you encounter any cause for concern. Also remember, not all motorcycles can handle high-tech modifications.

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